Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love for TA, from an outsider.

I'll start by introducing myself, i'm david byron gilbert, also know as, VIP G. I've been adopted by the boys at TA since day 1, and i couldn't be more thankful. My story starts back in the 10th grade, everyday after school James, #9, and I would cruise to the local gas station and pick up some crispito's(thanks norval). We would then head to the late residence of the Mitchell family to play some swat ball but neither james or me, could handle #9 aka Jokim Noah (: These days started a friendship that was very lasting, still do this day. The next big step in our friendship was, the move. While i was in alaska i got the most blind-siding phone call of my life. James called me and said, "dude david i'm moving to oregon at the end of the summer, my parents told me last night, and its for sure". I thought at first that he was lying to me, it just couldn't be true. When he convinced me it was true, i then offered the other half of my bed to him for our senior year, even before i asked my mom but i had faith she would understand, because i understood her love for james. The next 2 months were a blurr, spending all the time i possibly could with him, but not getting as much as i'd have liked because of the constant battle with everyone in this town to get some time with james mitchell. One of the most touching talks i've ever had came next, sitting outside his house i asked him if he was gonna stay or move. James looked at me and told me he was moving. He then went on to tell me that he couldn't just leave patrick out to hang like that. He said that if it weren't for patrick he would probably be staying, but he was going to atleast go for half the year to make sure patrick found friends and could atleast stand it, before he would come back to roosevelt. I used to be selfish and try and talk him into staying, until that night when i learned more about james than i ever had before. James truly will put everyone else in front of him, no matter how much he doesn't want to, i guess i had always known that, but had never seen this kind of sacrifice before. Before i knew it, he had moved and i was missing one of my best friends. A couple trips from oregon to utah, me and #9 going to oregon for two weeks, and the wildest summer of my life (sleeping in laura, rockstars, nappy hollowmoon, paint, picking up trash, ruining abbegelens compressor unit, hiding from masta bertaw, cliff jumping, riding #9's waverunner when he'd allow it, chikita sunrise.. and so on), it was time for james and i to head to college. I unforunately had accepted a scholarship at snow college at went off to spend my time in ephraim utah or turkeyville usa as the thugs from TA calls it. James had accepted his scholarship at UVU in happy valley utah. I spent one weekend in ephraim and decided that wasn't going to happen again, and a week later i was headed to provo. James showed me the ropes and introduced me to all his thugs.

I met my ironman first. Scotty Mo is one of my favorite people ever right now. This kid is the most self motivated person i've ever met. When he says he's going to do something, i'll make a guarantee for him, its gonna happen. I don't think the idea of failure has ever crossed this kids mind, thats not very normal in an 18 year old in college. He is down for anything and everything, and will always help you out. And one of my favorite things about him is his ability to make you feel good about yourself, no matter what your doing or wearing. He'll throw you a compliment at anytime.

JT!!! This is the freshest kid out there. I read the blog about getting rid of your tall friends if you want girls, not true. Get rid of john if you want a chance with a girl. He doesn't even have to open his mouth and he'll steal your girl. As well as being hott, he is one of the funniest kids alive. His sense of humor is unlike anyone else. He makes the funniest comments about everything from his monstertruck and monsterbike to the kind of underwear you are supposed to wear swimming. He cares about everyone. I'm in love.

Taylor is legit. He has his sights set on the right goals at all times. I haven't gotten to know him as well as the other three, because the first of the semester he was always out chillin with other wanna be thugs, but he's a changed man. He's always having fun, even when he's stealing everyones girls, even though he won't admit it. He's a definite stud, one that i know will go far in life for sure.

The double take twins are the stuff. Everyone knows that. If you don't know them, get to know them. You won't be let down. Thats my promise.

Thats my love for TA. I've been more privelaged than anyone else i think, because i get to be with all of them every weekend.


Scott Moberg (TA) said...

I love you Big D. TA wouldn't be the same without slim shady.

starvinmarvin said...

He makes me sound like a saint or something. I'm really not. but that right there, is why big D is my boy...

Johnny Meyer said...

Big D! You are so awesome! I hope i can live up to all those compliments you threw out to me! Everything was correct but i hope you don't befriend me so you can have a chance with girls because we all know you are a bigger ladies man than me.

The Truffs said...

Look at the big D go..lives and blogs the "G" life.