Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pre-Mi Life (pronounced pre-me)

Yo yo yo, this is your boy Scottie "Ironman" Mo again just spilling my feelings onto the screen via my keyboard. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately about life and my Pre-Mi boys. Last night I had a very insightful conversation with a beautiful daughter of God about life....I explained to her how it's weird thinking about life after my mission because for the past 18 1/2 years of my life I've been preparing specifically for the day that I will head out into the mission field. Thinking of carrying on after the mission, without planning for a mission, is weird for me. I've never planned things in the future that would effect my mission or delay it so the thought of returning from my mission is kind of scary. I don't know what I'm going to, I'm sure I'll still being doing triathlons, maybe seeking to become a pro triathlete even. But when it boils down to it, for my entire life I've had my eye set on a mission, and thats it. I dream of the day that I open up my call and finally get to head out there and bring others happiness. I'm sure all my legit Pre-Mi G's feel the same way as well.

I think that a part of me thinking these things could be because of the departure of our boy and John's main man, Elder Colton "Spanky" Spencer. I'm jealous of Elder Spanky and I know he will be awesome out there in North Carolina. If I had the choice, I would drop everything tomorrow and head out on my mission. I think that seeing all my friends go out, and being around a lot of tight RMs has made me more anxious to get out there and do my part.

Don't get me wrong, I know that everything about the mission is tough. Trials are a daily occurance and often times it feels like your back is against the wall out there. But I also know that enduring is a very important trait (endurance is kinda my thang). Whenever I think of the trials I'll have or of the ones I currently have I like to apply a little "endurance" quote that my boy Lance Armstrong said, "Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever." We all need to realize that what we go through only makes us stronger, and as one of my fav. scriptures says "for if they did not know the bitter, they couldn't know the sweet."

Sure I'm excited to get out there, as are my boys here at TA. I know that leaving everyone will be tough, and I'm loving my life right now more than ever. But I know that by going out I can be an example to others around me and most of all I can make my sisters and parents proud. I'm so glad that I was blessed with the best family ever and the best and most beautiful sisters in the world. I hope they know that I am planning on a mission for the right reasons and that nothing can stop me from my ultimate goal of serving the Lord faithfully. I thank all my bro's for the great examples they are by serving missions and of course for my fellow G Spanky who left today. I love you all, stay fly.

-Scottie Mo


Johnny Meyer said...

Beautiful words of wisdom man... I love my life too right now and all the attention we get from everyone because everyone wants to be a pri-mi again but i really want to get out there! Oh and thanks for helping me not be so sad about spanky leaving... if i didn't have my new best friends at college i don't know what the h i would be doing. but very good insight... we work good together

walters said...

We love and miss you tons Uncle Mo! : )