Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Advice

What is up everyone? It has been a long time since anyone has contributed to our blog so i thought i would spit something out while I am home for the holidays without my thugs :( .... Anyway I'm just sittin here in the one and only PC (Plain City), the land of real thugs thinking about life. One semester down in school and one more to go before the mission. Wow it's crazy how time flys!!! I just wanted to let everyone know also that Spanky (Colton Spencer) called me on Christmas day and we had a good chat. He is doing great, the work is a little slow no thanks to the Baptists in South Carolina where he is currently located. Also my cousin Lewd8 (Lewis Jenkins), (No relation to Leroy Jenkins) gave me a call on Christmas and let me know that he is fine and dandy as well in Florida. The Meyer family is great, it has been such a pleasure to be home with the fam again and try to please them. I would like to publicly thank my parents for being so awesome even though the first night i was there it was a little shaky (My New Hair). I was just thinking today about family and how important they are. If it weren't for my wonderful family and how they parented me then I wouldn't have gone to the University i am at. Also if it weren't for my Boys in thug apartments parents being so similar to my parents then we wouldn't have got along so well. I can't wait till one day i get to have a family of my own and structure them as well as my parents have done. Thanks to my parents and them helping me gain an understanding of the gospel I am now on the right path to be heading on a mission Asap... My birhtday the end of May! I hope everyone has a happy new year!!!! I can't wait to see my thugs!!!! I know that I have a newly aquired strategy for coping with all my problems. If everyone lives to this strategy I will promise you that things will go easier and you will worry less. The advice is also given by a famous musical artist named Lady GaGa. the advice is to "Just Dance... It'll be ok!!!" Trust me when things are stressful just let yourself go like you are inside of studio 600 in the SLC and dance away all your worries! As everyone knows i hate stress because it causes something that i hate and makes me look horrible but its ok because latedly I have just been dancing and its all good! Have a happy new year and hopefully everyone can find that special someone at 12:00 midnight! but if not.... JUST DANCE!!!!! IT'LL BE OK!!!!

Peace, Much Love, Do Work!!! John aka JT aka Mr GaGa

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My View

Hey whats up y'all? I don't really want to say much i just wanted to post this awesome picture i painted up on my laptop one day! This sums up 4 of us thugs in TA... sorry david and the twins i made it a while ago so i didn't happen to put you guys in. We will just call it a rough draft though and one day i will make a final draft with all of us in it. Thanks to all the supporters and may everyones holidays be merry! Also may everyone get caught a time or two or three under that good ol' mistle toe ;) Plus click on the picture for a bigger view

JT, Johnny Meyer, Hearthrob, Daterman, Monster truck/bike owner, Mr. Awesome


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love for TA, from an outsider.

I'll start by introducing myself, i'm david byron gilbert, also know as, VIP G. I've been adopted by the boys at TA since day 1, and i couldn't be more thankful. My story starts back in the 10th grade, everyday after school James, #9, and I would cruise to the local gas station and pick up some crispito's(thanks norval). We would then head to the late residence of the Mitchell family to play some swat ball but neither james or me, could handle #9 aka Jokim Noah (: These days started a friendship that was very lasting, still do this day. The next big step in our friendship was, the move. While i was in alaska i got the most blind-siding phone call of my life. James called me and said, "dude david i'm moving to oregon at the end of the summer, my parents told me last night, and its for sure". I thought at first that he was lying to me, it just couldn't be true. When he convinced me it was true, i then offered the other half of my bed to him for our senior year, even before i asked my mom but i had faith she would understand, because i understood her love for james. The next 2 months were a blurr, spending all the time i possibly could with him, but not getting as much as i'd have liked because of the constant battle with everyone in this town to get some time with james mitchell. One of the most touching talks i've ever had came next, sitting outside his house i asked him if he was gonna stay or move. James looked at me and told me he was moving. He then went on to tell me that he couldn't just leave patrick out to hang like that. He said that if it weren't for patrick he would probably be staying, but he was going to atleast go for half the year to make sure patrick found friends and could atleast stand it, before he would come back to roosevelt. I used to be selfish and try and talk him into staying, until that night when i learned more about james than i ever had before. James truly will put everyone else in front of him, no matter how much he doesn't want to, i guess i had always known that, but had never seen this kind of sacrifice before. Before i knew it, he had moved and i was missing one of my best friends. A couple trips from oregon to utah, me and #9 going to oregon for two weeks, and the wildest summer of my life (sleeping in laura, rockstars, nappy hollowmoon, paint, picking up trash, ruining abbegelens compressor unit, hiding from masta bertaw, cliff jumping, riding #9's waverunner when he'd allow it, chikita sunrise.. and so on), it was time for james and i to head to college. I unforunately had accepted a scholarship at snow college at went off to spend my time in ephraim utah or turkeyville usa as the thugs from TA calls it. James had accepted his scholarship at UVU in happy valley utah. I spent one weekend in ephraim and decided that wasn't going to happen again, and a week later i was headed to provo. James showed me the ropes and introduced me to all his thugs.

I met my ironman first. Scotty Mo is one of my favorite people ever right now. This kid is the most self motivated person i've ever met. When he says he's going to do something, i'll make a guarantee for him, its gonna happen. I don't think the idea of failure has ever crossed this kids mind, thats not very normal in an 18 year old in college. He is down for anything and everything, and will always help you out. And one of my favorite things about him is his ability to make you feel good about yourself, no matter what your doing or wearing. He'll throw you a compliment at anytime.

JT!!! This is the freshest kid out there. I read the blog about getting rid of your tall friends if you want girls, not true. Get rid of john if you want a chance with a girl. He doesn't even have to open his mouth and he'll steal your girl. As well as being hott, he is one of the funniest kids alive. His sense of humor is unlike anyone else. He makes the funniest comments about everything from his monstertruck and monsterbike to the kind of underwear you are supposed to wear swimming. He cares about everyone. I'm in love.

Taylor is legit. He has his sights set on the right goals at all times. I haven't gotten to know him as well as the other three, because the first of the semester he was always out chillin with other wanna be thugs, but he's a changed man. He's always having fun, even when he's stealing everyones girls, even though he won't admit it. He's a definite stud, one that i know will go far in life for sure.

The double take twins are the stuff. Everyone knows that. If you don't know them, get to know them. You won't be let down. Thats my promise.

Thats my love for TA. I've been more privelaged than anyone else i think, because i get to be with all of them every weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Double Take Twins

People may be wondering where The Double Take Twins fit into TA. We are James' older twin brothers, and Scott's cousins. So naturally we started coming over to hang with our cousin and brother, but the time we spent over here, we realized that there were a few more bros that were cool to hang with Johnny and Taylor. So now if you ever have the opportunity to chill at TA and you see the Double Take Twins do not be alarmed.. we may look a little intimidating at first, but we are gentle giants on the inside (However Be Ye warned.. We know how to throw down when the moments calls, so be prepared for a flurry of fists and flying feet and piledrivers to the face!) Now for those of you who know us, you know that there are significant differences between Matt and Me. When it comes to looking alike the similarities are clear, however, there are some major differences and once you get to know us you will start to pick up on them. It doesn't really matter which DTT you are hanging with, you will have an enjoyable evening. But if you have the chance to hang with both Double Take Twins you are in for a real treat. Lets just say we are an interesting pair of twins. I have this theory of The Double Take Twins. But first let me explain. Although Matt and I may appear very similar we are very different. Matt has never had too much success when it comes to the ladies, but I on the other I hand have(Im not a man whore, just a gentleman). Matt is the more outgoing one, I am more conservative. Matt is left-handed, I am right-handed. Can you see where I am going with this? Matt and I are different in a lot of ways. Don't get me wrong, we are eachothers best friend and love hanging out with eachother. We can do that weird twin thing where we know exactly what the other one is thinking, we even have the mannerisms (if you don't know what they are.. you will probably see them with time) So what I am getting at is that Matt and I complitment eachother perfectly. Where I lack Matt makes up for me. Where Matt lacks I make up for him. With that said I claim that when Matt and I were in the pre-mortal life we were one PERFECT spirit. Obviously Jesus could be the only perfect spirit in existence so Heavenly Father, thinking quickly, split Matt's and mine perfect spirit into two seperate beings, therefore making two very cool and fly G's. So there you have it boys and girls. The theory of The Double Take Twins. So why dont you come on down to TA 113 and say hi.. we will most likely be here!
Peace! I'm Outta Here!

Thuggin' It: T-Money Style

It has taken taken a while but I, T-Money, have finally decided to become a contributor to the thug apartment blog. Reading everyone else's blogs has been awesome and I hope that I can produce as good of a contribution to the blog. Since moving to TA in August my life has changed a lot. I now have five new G's that i can hang with all the time. Whether we are chillin' in thug apartment or cruisin' the town thugs always know how to have fun. Another new addition to my life is the Double Take Twins. It is like having two new brothers which I never had back in South Jordan. The whole switch to life on my own has been one of the funnest things that has ever happened to me. Meeting new girls and letting things take their course to see what happens. The college life is legit. There are unlimited opportunities to make new friends and have fun at every turn. Raintree is an awesome place to live. The life of a thug in the 168th ward could not go better. FHE groups have been legit the first one can never be replaced. The other guys apartment will always be welcome in thug apartment. Plus the girls in our group were always awesome and it was a sad thing to see them go. But as time goes we had to change groups. The new group is going to be sick tight and we here at TA are excited to see how it goes. Although other members of the ward are not all fun and games. The girls in 220 decided start a war by stealing rocky. They will regret that mistake forever because a storm is coming. Megan and her friends are in for it because they soaked Scotty Mo, DTT #2, and I and we do plan on getting revenge on them. All of these things that have happened to me have made me extremely happy to live at Raintree and appreciate my fellow thugs. We all live in a gangsta's paradise and we could ask for nothing more. Thank you to all for making thug apartment what it is especially the originals Scotty Mo, JT, and Lil Mitch. You guys are frikkin' legit. I also have to do a special shout out to my man Spanks. Sorry for missing the farewell but TA loves ya and we will all see you in 2 1/2. You rock and TA will keep in touch. Well these are the words I am spittin' to the world. Stay Classy Thug Apartment!


Shout out to my boy Spanky

What is up guys!!?? How is everyone?? I would just like to write a short little something about my boy Spanky aka Colton Spencer. Colton is probably one of the coolest kids I know and if you don't agree I might just tell you to go get something and get a life while you are at it. But I would like to give a shout out to Spanks and let him know that he will be in my prayers. And I think that I can speak for the rest of Thug Apartment when I say you are probably one of the coolest, most chill kids ever. Thanks for being my friend since Kindergarten and thanks for being such a good friend even when I wasn't the greatest friend (the stupid feeg days). I know that all of the thugs will be keeping in touch with Spanks. I think we should all try to be a little more like elder Spanky... See you in around 2 1/2 Spanky!!

The Pre-Mi Life (pronounced pre-me)

Yo yo yo, this is your boy Scottie "Ironman" Mo again just spilling my feelings onto the screen via my keyboard. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately about life and my Pre-Mi boys. Last night I had a very insightful conversation with a beautiful daughter of God about life....I explained to her how it's weird thinking about life after my mission because for the past 18 1/2 years of my life I've been preparing specifically for the day that I will head out into the mission field. Thinking of carrying on after the mission, without planning for a mission, is weird for me. I've never planned things in the future that would effect my mission or delay it so the thought of returning from my mission is kind of scary. I don't know what I'm going to, I'm sure I'll still being doing triathlons, maybe seeking to become a pro triathlete even. But when it boils down to it, for my entire life I've had my eye set on a mission, and thats it. I dream of the day that I open up my call and finally get to head out there and bring others happiness. I'm sure all my legit Pre-Mi G's feel the same way as well.

I think that a part of me thinking these things could be because of the departure of our boy and John's main man, Elder Colton "Spanky" Spencer. I'm jealous of Elder Spanky and I know he will be awesome out there in North Carolina. If I had the choice, I would drop everything tomorrow and head out on my mission. I think that seeing all my friends go out, and being around a lot of tight RMs has made me more anxious to get out there and do my part.

Don't get me wrong, I know that everything about the mission is tough. Trials are a daily occurance and often times it feels like your back is against the wall out there. But I also know that enduring is a very important trait (endurance is kinda my thang). Whenever I think of the trials I'll have or of the ones I currently have I like to apply a little "endurance" quote that my boy Lance Armstrong said, "Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever." We all need to realize that what we go through only makes us stronger, and as one of my fav. scriptures says "for if they did not know the bitter, they couldn't know the sweet."

Sure I'm excited to get out there, as are my boys here at TA. I know that leaving everyone will be tough, and I'm loving my life right now more than ever. But I know that by going out I can be an example to others around me and most of all I can make my sisters and parents proud. I'm so glad that I was blessed with the best family ever and the best and most beautiful sisters in the world. I hope they know that I am planning on a mission for the right reasons and that nothing can stop me from my ultimate goal of serving the Lord faithfully. I thank all my bro's for the great examples they are by serving missions and of course for my fellow G Spanky who left today. I love you all, stay fly.

-Scottie Mo