Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Advice

What is up everyone? It has been a long time since anyone has contributed to our blog so i thought i would spit something out while I am home for the holidays without my thugs :( .... Anyway I'm just sittin here in the one and only PC (Plain City), the land of real thugs thinking about life. One semester down in school and one more to go before the mission. Wow it's crazy how time flys!!! I just wanted to let everyone know also that Spanky (Colton Spencer) called me on Christmas day and we had a good chat. He is doing great, the work is a little slow no thanks to the Baptists in South Carolina where he is currently located. Also my cousin Lewd8 (Lewis Jenkins), (No relation to Leroy Jenkins) gave me a call on Christmas and let me know that he is fine and dandy as well in Florida. The Meyer family is great, it has been such a pleasure to be home with the fam again and try to please them. I would like to publicly thank my parents for being so awesome even though the first night i was there it was a little shaky (My New Hair). I was just thinking today about family and how important they are. If it weren't for my wonderful family and how they parented me then I wouldn't have gone to the University i am at. Also if it weren't for my Boys in thug apartments parents being so similar to my parents then we wouldn't have got along so well. I can't wait till one day i get to have a family of my own and structure them as well as my parents have done. Thanks to my parents and them helping me gain an understanding of the gospel I am now on the right path to be heading on a mission Asap... My birhtday the end of May! I hope everyone has a happy new year!!!! I can't wait to see my thugs!!!! I know that I have a newly aquired strategy for coping with all my problems. If everyone lives to this strategy I will promise you that things will go easier and you will worry less. The advice is also given by a famous musical artist named Lady GaGa. the advice is to "Just Dance... It'll be ok!!!" Trust me when things are stressful just let yourself go like you are inside of studio 600 in the SLC and dance away all your worries! As everyone knows i hate stress because it causes something that i hate and makes me look horrible but its ok because latedly I have just been dancing and its all good! Have a happy new year and hopefully everyone can find that special someone at 12:00 midnight! but if not.... JUST DANCE!!!!! IT'LL BE OK!!!!

Peace, Much Love, Do Work!!! John aka JT aka Mr GaGa