Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My View

Hey whats up y'all? I don't really want to say much i just wanted to post this awesome picture i painted up on my laptop one day! This sums up 4 of us thugs in TA... sorry david and the twins i made it a while ago so i didn't happen to put you guys in. We will just call it a rough draft though and one day i will make a final draft with all of us in it. Thanks to all the supporters and may everyones holidays be merry! Also may everyone get caught a time or two or three under that good ol' mistle toe ;) Plus click on the picture for a bigger view

JT, Johnny Meyer, Hearthrob, Daterman, Monster truck/bike owner, Mr. Awesome



colby and april said...

I don't believe you about Austin Collie coming over to your apartment to see his own cleat. Nice picture by the way. Maybe you should major in graphic design....

colby and april said...

Wtf. I'm pretty sure my nigga pac didn't have taylor swift and remixes of the roxettes playing at the thug mansion but I guess that's probably as hood as it gets down at BYU huh? But hey, I gotta admit, I'm really feelin that Christmas card though...Holla at ya boy.