Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thuggin' It: T-Money Style

It has taken taken a while but I, T-Money, have finally decided to become a contributor to the thug apartment blog. Reading everyone else's blogs has been awesome and I hope that I can produce as good of a contribution to the blog. Since moving to TA in August my life has changed a lot. I now have five new G's that i can hang with all the time. Whether we are chillin' in thug apartment or cruisin' the town thugs always know how to have fun. Another new addition to my life is the Double Take Twins. It is like having two new brothers which I never had back in South Jordan. The whole switch to life on my own has been one of the funnest things that has ever happened to me. Meeting new girls and letting things take their course to see what happens. The college life is legit. There are unlimited opportunities to make new friends and have fun at every turn. Raintree is an awesome place to live. The life of a thug in the 168th ward could not go better. FHE groups have been legit the first one can never be replaced. The other guys apartment will always be welcome in thug apartment. Plus the girls in our group were always awesome and it was a sad thing to see them go. But as time goes we had to change groups. The new group is going to be sick tight and we here at TA are excited to see how it goes. Although other members of the ward are not all fun and games. The girls in 220 decided start a war by stealing rocky. They will regret that mistake forever because a storm is coming. Megan and her friends are in for it because they soaked Scotty Mo, DTT #2, and I and we do plan on getting revenge on them. All of these things that have happened to me have made me extremely happy to live at Raintree and appreciate my fellow thugs. We all live in a gangsta's paradise and we could ask for nothing more. Thank you to all for making thug apartment what it is especially the originals Scotty Mo, JT, and Lil Mitch. You guys are frikkin' legit. I also have to do a special shout out to my man Spanks. Sorry for missing the farewell but TA loves ya and we will all see you in 2 1/2. You rock and TA will keep in touch. Well these are the words I am spittin' to the world. Stay Classy Thug Apartment!


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