Monday, November 10, 2008

TA and Women

While we (Scottie Mo, JT, Lil Mitch, Matt and I) were traveling out to PC for our Dude of the Day Spanky's farewell speech (By the way you rocked that homie, John was totally crying) Lil Mitch started to share a story of what happened to him last night while Scottie Mo, JT, and Spanky were out enjoying the evening with some lovely lady dimepieces. The story was about and old accquaintance of The Double Take Twins and Lil Mitch. While Lil Mitch was Facebooking this old accquaintance started a simple harmless chat with our boy Lil Mitch. However soon this innocent chat escalated quickly into a silly assumption and sterotype of most guys..excluding all TA members of course. It started out as a simple what are doing tonight kind of chat, a simple answer came back from Lil Mitch, but the next question from this accquaintance is where it started to become a little strange. He asked, " Any ladies coming over?" Lil Mitch slightly taken back by this sudden strange outburst, calmly answered that none at the moment. He then asked if there were going to be any coming over soon.. Lil Mitch being the kind, good G that he is humored the accquaintance by saying maybe. Lil Mitch then continued to explain that he was going to attend a Pajama Jam party to enjoy the evening. The accquaintance asked if he was going with girls.. Lil Mitch simply stated that he was going to meet up with some there. As soon as Lil Mitch answered that, the accquaintance ended the conversation. This brings us to the topic of which I, Jake Mitchell DTT #1, would like to discuss this evening. Stereo types can be very misleading and very dull and boring at the same time. The reason for this dullness is the fact that it is has been done so many times that everyone ties this thing or action to whatever holds the stereo type. The stereo type I wish to cover now is the stereo type of guys see that if they are talking with another guy it is a given that girls must be mentioned or brought up into the conversation. True there is nothing wrong with talking about girls, girls are great and deserve to be mentioned or talked about to your bros. However in this instance of Lil Mitch and the old accquaintance I know for a fact that the accquaintance did not give a flying flip if Lil Mitch was going to be chillin with some ladies. He only brought up women solelly for the fact that he knows that guys talk about getting with girls! That is such a stupid and at times immature way to go about starting and holding conversations. If you can't start or hold a conversation with a friend and not talk girls then I say go find some new friends. Guys dont need to always be talking about how many girls they want to get with or how many they are getting with.. that is between the G and the Lady(ies). Now I am not trying to say that us Gs at TA never talk about girls, because we do, but what I am saying is that we can actually hold a decent conversation with eachother that has nothing to do with the lady folk. However when we do speak of women we do not generalize, we know the names of the girls in our lives and we talk about them as individuals not as mindless trophies to be flaunted around for show. We talk about how things are going with that special lady, we offer advice to one another and help eachother through the hard times and the good times. So I say stop being that "Guy" who thinks all that guys talk about is Sports and getting with girls. How about you become a decent dude and try and hold a decent conversation with your bros, you will find that they are a lot more chill than you think, and you will start to look at opposite sex different, you will have more respect for them. So have a little bit more respect for yourself and for the ladies you will be talking about. Stop being that guy, and start being a G!
Peace, I'm out!
Double Take Twin #1


Scott Moberg (TA) said...

Word, Daughters of God.

Johnny Meyer said...

YeeeHawww!! amen to your post jacob! But umm... I was not crying at spanky's farewell it was sweat running down my face from it being so hot up in thur... But anyway good post. I like girls they like me they look so good in there southern jeans and i got a kiss last night peace :)