Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things that guys wonder what girls like?

Guys (not thugs) are always trying to figure out what things characteristics do girls like in guys. Im not talking about the personality characteristics like a good sense of humor, smart, kind caring, romantic, etc. And not to mention tall, dark and handsome. I have found out first hand that if you have a semi good looking friend that is at least 6' 4" then you can kiss your chances of getting the girl you want goodbye. I found out that the main reason why girls melt when tall semi cute guy come by is because they love to wear high heals! and if they are taller than you in high heals then your chances of getting with her are done son. Ask any girls how tall they are and they could give you two measurments one without heals the other with heals on. So here's a shout out for all you short doods! Take these tips to heart and they will help you make a good first impression. Because lets face it, everyone is shallow when you meet someone for the first time. cause you dont know anything about that person, so looks are all you have to go off of:
1. Get rid of all your tall friends.
2. 7 out of 10 girls prefer short clean cut guys and 2 out of 10 prefer shaggy hair. 1 prefers bald ( i only know one guy that can pull off a bald head really well and his first name does not end in ric.) But if thats all you have to work with you have my recepect cause your chances are slim.
3. 6 outof 11 prefer smooth chest, and 5 out of 10 prefer hairy chest. 0 out of 10 likes gorilla hairy chest. And 0 out of 10 like prickly chest. So do what you gotta do.
4. You gotta be a G, no way out of that. And for all you thugs out there I know a place where you can get in for free. TA113! Respect!
After you get your good first impression let your personality finish her off. Then once you finalize the deal you can tell them that your chest hair rivals most gorillas.
And ladies let me know what you think and if you would like to be included in the next surveys!

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Johnny Meyer said...

You forgot to mention that girls love affliction shirts and true religion jeans... and good lookin hair... No Homo! Girls just love that ish