Saturday, November 8, 2008

Late Night Shout-out and Nacho Libre Sighting Confirmation

Yo yo yo this is your boy Scottie Mo again, just chillin here with John "Heartthrob" Meyer and James "lil' Mitch" Mitchell again. Yeah, its 3:20 am and we just got back from iHop. We're loving life here at Raintree in Provo and we're pretty stoked to see our beloved BYU Cougars take on San Diego State tomorrow. We're hoping that they will decide to quit sucking on defense and that Max Hall will continue to throw 5+ touchdowns a game. Good luck boys, our hearts are with you.

p.s. It has been brought to TA's attention that it appears as though the one and only Nacho Libre is indeed a thug at Thug Apartment. In response to all of these rumors it is my obligation to confirm that yes Nacho Libre is a thug here at TA. The proof is in the pudding aka look at the picture of me with this devilish Mexican wrestling legend. He will pile-drive you to the face.

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