Saturday, November 8, 2008

John and his new family at TA

Hi everyone this is John, Scott and James' and Taylors awesome roommate from Plain City (PC) Utah. I introduced the gang to the idea of Thug Apartment and they fell in love, but i don't like to take all the credit for TA even though i very easily could. I just wanted everyone to know that I have the coolest roommates ever, except for Eric and occasionally Jake (I hope they don't see this). Other than those two my roommates are way chill and I am enjoying my college experience. I would like to publicly thank Scott for spending late nights and sometimes late mornings at girls apartments with me and also spending fun five day weekends with me. I then would like to thank James for always being truthful in how i look and doing late night ab workouts with me. I would then like to thank Taylor for trying to complete my game of seven steps to Kevin Bacon starting with Johnny Dep even though he will never figure it out, but thanks for trying. I would also like to thank the Moberg family for taking care of me for a weekend in Moses Lake and for Scotts parents being almost identical to mine. I would like to end by letting everyone know that I have successfully helped Scott and James find the feeling of LOVE from many girls. Love is a confusing feeling, but we are all certain that we now cannot ignore what we are feeling. If you think my post is dumb let me know and I will probably tell you to go get something for me and tell you to get a life while you are at it, but let me know anyway. Love JT


Scott Moberg (TA) said...

Beautiful John, just stunning.

Ryan and April said...

Het JT-

This is Scott's brother, and I find it hard to believe that you have introduced him to love..... because the ONLY person of the opposite gender that Scott loves..... is his MAMA!

I've seen Scott talk to girls first hand, and he always starts by giggling like a school boy, which is then followed up with 5 minutes of stuttering the first word, which is then followed up by the girl walking away shaking her head. :)

so maybe the thug apartment could actually be a good thing for him.

peace bro- and keep representing

Moberg Family said...

There is nothing wrong with the only girl in a young man's life is his mother and sisters until after his mission!! Just a reminder for all of you thug apartment young men who are turning 19 this year!
Hopefully the girls you visit are helping you to remember that! Love ya! Mom

John, Your parents must be very, very cool!! Thanks!

Ryan and April said...

blah blah blah mom, you're ruining the vibe in the Thug Apartment.