Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome to Thug Apartment

Yo yo yo everyone, this is your boy Scott "Ironman" Moberg spittin to ya real quick with my fellow thugs James "lil' Mitch" Mitchell, John "Heartthrob" Meyer (or JT), and a Matt Mitchell (2 of 2 double take twin). My boys and I in Thug Apartment (Raintree 113B) have been getting a lot of fans these days and we wanted to start a blog so that we can talk to all of our loves at once. So here's a friendly welcome from all of your boys at TA (Thug Apartment), Scott, John, James, Taylor, David "Big D" Gilbert (VIP G), and the infamous double take twins Matt and Jake Mitchell. I hope all ya'll enjoy, peace and love.


Ryan and April said...

Hey yoyo Bro Scott, this your 2-TIME HOOPFEST Champ Bro....

Nice Blog... if you really talk like this, remind me to punch you in the neck come Christmas time.

P.S. Is that Nacho Libre I see "thuggin" it in the background? Seriously looks like a pic perfect Nacho Libre "thug".

"Get that corn outta of my face"


Moberg Family said...

Hey Scott,
This is your mother!! It sounds like you are having a great time at college. How is the studying going? Hard to do that if you are out at IHOP until 3 a.m!! Like I always say, "Remember who and where you are!"
and don't forget that you are in school and grades are out soon! Get some sleep, study and have a little fun. Have fun at the ballgame today. Oh, and by the way, we survived the hurricane! (Just if you were wondering!) Love ya and see you soon! Tell John, thanks for the shout out!

Ryan and April said...

Hey mom, what's with the "remember who and where you are"

Here's a recap:

WHO - A starving 3am college student
Where - IHop, to inhale a couple stuffed pancakes.

End of story :)
Right Scott