Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The docta is in!

After popular demand i finally have decided to begin to add in my thoughts on everything and anything. One thug in particular thinks i should let all my thoughts and intense studies on everything be know to all. Not only do i just give thought and make people think but i also give good advice on everything and anything. even though i might have not experienced it all. I still have good advice for everything. Like i alway say you dont have to play the game to be a good coach!
So to start off check this out! What is the difference between babies and parasites? Think about it. A parasite cannot liveon its own it needs an independent body to live off of. if you take a parasite and put it in a fully stocked apartment i wouldnt give that parasite a week before its dead. A newly born baby is the same way. I once gave a baby a 9 oz sirloin steak and all it did was suck on it much like a parasite! it didnt even try to bite off a peice. Im never going to give steak to a baby! wanna know why? caues its a waste of steak. I'll eat it instead. So babies and parasites aren't that different. They just suck on things and leave other people to do the rest for them. but in the babies defence, you cannot raise a parasite into a thug. I'll leave it at that. questions? comments? concerns? advice? Docta DDT#2 is in.

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